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Deutsche Grammophon
In february the german Label Deutsche Grammophone produced with 3b-production a music-video for classical piano. Musician were the piano-players Alice Sara Ott and Francesco Tristano. As we can see some preview shots -
this will be an amazing video. ...looking forward to….
Every Metropolis has
an own typical Sound. Sam Auinger (Professor at the UDK, Berlin) and Hannes Strobel shows a special Performance with their collected Sound-Footage from Shanghai, Zürich and Berlin.
It was a real special evening.
Bet Williams...
...recorded string-sequences in the UFO SOUND STUDIOS for her upcoming album the 11th hour.
2 String-Concerts...
...with the Oriel-String Quartet were in our Recording Hall in September 2013.
On two Evenings Oriel plays Steve Reichs Different Trains.
Tanja Schmidt supported this Theme with a Video-Projection.
Suzana Damour...
... a Canadian Pop-Trio visits Berlin for a couple of Concerts. During their Gigs they worked in the UFO SOUND STUDIOS on new Songs. Lovely Trio with beautiful music.
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